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October 13-14, 2023
Nashville, TN

Maximizing Productivity for Peak Profitability 

Production is crucial to the success of a practice not only because the financial boost allows the office to grow and improve, but because production is a key measure of patient care. If production is low, it’s a sign that comprehensive care isn’t being delivered to every patient. When this happens, patient health declines and the practice suffers. It’s important for dental teams to carefully manage production and profitability to protect the standard of care for patients and to protect the financial future of the organization.

At the October Practice Growth Retreat, practice owners and leaders will learn strategies for improving productivity (without having to eliminate PPO participation). Experts will talk through how to manage increased costs, how to optimize insurance participation, and how to improve efficiency throughout the practice. We'll also dive deep into the roles that technology and specialty services play in practice productivity as well techniques for maximizing their impact.
Attendees will hear strategies directly from their peers who've excelled at increasing their own productivity despite the challenging environment. Practice leaders will leave with a new perspective on individual and team production and an action plan to raise both within the next 90 days. This retreat is designed to deliver a lasting increase in production and set the practice up for long-term financial success.

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Note: If you're in the start-up stage of your dental practice (below $60k per month), this particular event may not be right for you. But, we have resources designed specifically for you. Our Ultimate Guidebook is a great place to start. 


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